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Report from Fistula Repair Mission in Lichinga Hospital, Mozambique

Prof Biagio Adile participated in the Fistula Surgery Campaign in Lichinga Provincial hospital, Mozambique, on July 2019, organized by the ‘Focus Fistula Group’, a voluntary organization that works with women from deprived areas in the developing world that sustain fistulas during childbirth. The Focus Fistula Group provides assessment and surgical repair of these fistulas, as well as trains local doctors to deal with these cases, and also holds awareness campaigns aimed at primary prevention.

In Mozambique about 2% of women develop a fistula as a direct consequence of prolonged childbirth; with vesicovaginal fistula being the most common (72%), followed by urethra-vaginal (8%), and vesico-uterine (6.5%). Obstetric fistulas cause serious physical and social hardship for these women.

The surgical team was led by Prof Igor Vas who also co-ordinates the mission including the provision of supplies required such as antibiotics, surgical material and catheters.

72 patients with a variety of fistulas, ranging from simple to very complex, were operated on in the 6 days of the Fistula Surgery Campaign in Lichinga Provincial hospital. A variety of genitourinary reconstruction techniques was employed, from the Singapore flap to the direct anastomosis between bladder neck and urethra.

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