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MIPS is a recognized non-profit association, whose objectives are to promote, enhance and spread the studies on prevention, control and treatment of patients affected by functional or morphological disturbances, urinary or fecal incontinence, sexual or painful pelvic floor dysfunctions related to neurological, gynecological and urological diseases in the whole Mediterranean area and worldwide. The MIPS encourages the research and study of these diseases, as well as its medical and / or surgical treatments. It promotes the exchange of knowledge and experiences between different professionals within neurologists, urologists, anesthetists, radiologists, gynecologists, gerontologists, bioengineers, nurses, neurophysiologic rehabilitation practitioners, as well as other experts providing health care assistance.

The society fosters the collaboration with the main international scientific associations for professional update and promotes multidisciplinary activities, as well as  international exchange programmes directly or through the collaboration of international organizations with similar purposes.
As the Chair of the Executive Board, I’m proud to inform you that some of the most outstanding specialists in this field are involved in the project as members of the Executive Board.

On the behalf of the MIPS Executive Board I invite you to support our initiatives and the MIPS Annual Meeting.

Many specialists from all over the world will come to know more about our society and to talk about the most innovative questions about Urogynaecology, such as robotic surgery, new technologies and new specific devices and pharmaceutical tratments.
Your contribution will be highly appreciated and will assure the success of this ambitious project.






Diaa Rizk

Chairman of the

Executive Board

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