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Report from SINUG XV 15-17 November 2018 Seville

I was honoured to be invited to attend the XV SINUG 2019 meeting in the historic and beautiful city of Seville. The meeting chair was Dr Pedro Blasco Hernandez who is a kind gentle giant. The scientific programme was exciting and innovative. The meeting was very well attended and supported by the industry. Many of the external speakers were friends from other societies which was a good chance to catch with their news. The organising committee should be very proud to present Seville at it’s best through from the conference venue, Hotel Melia which is in the centre of Seville, the social program was memorable as I discovered many of the delegates are outstanding Flamingo dancers.

The MIPS lecture was given by Dr Eric Bautrant, in Spanish titled, “Remedies for pain after mesh surgery” on Friday am. Eric highlighted that the publications does not mention chronic pelvic pain. He advocated that we should look for trigger pain points prior to surgery to be able to avoid this complications. It is understandable that patients with erosion or misplacement of mesh or organ injury that may have pain. However some may have normal placement with pain those will may require a multidisciplinary team approach.

I gave the last lecture of the meeting and was titled “Are injections are a real alternative to sub-urethral slings?”. I was surprised that the lecture hall was full. My short answer was yes and this generated interesting discussion. I would recommend a visit to Seville.

Safwat Tosson

MIPS Treasurer and Membership Committee Chairman

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