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MIPS Board Member

It was a great honor for me to join MIPS as new board member. I am more than delighted to participate in this society hoping to help further expand and develop the purposes of the society both nationally and between the countries of the Mediterranean region.

During the past few months MIPS was introduced during the Greek national urogynecologic congress which was held in Athens in April 2016. The chairman of MIPS, Professor Diaa Rizk, presented the society and delivered a very interesting keynote “MIPS Lecture” about the use of POP meshes following the 2011 FDA notification. In June 2016 I had the opportunity to participate with three lectures to the 4th MIPS Educational Course in Naples giving me the opportunity to actively interact with other providers of pelvic floor disorders.

I am confident that in the near future the activities of the MIPS Executive Board and the Education Committee will involve even more physicians and specialists of the Mediterranean region embracing local practices with the aim to improve care of patients in this unique multicultural population. Themos Grigoriadis

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