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Message from MIPS President, Prof. Diaa Rizk

Dear members and friends, We are all very grateful to Gigi for his inception and vision of MIPS. Gigi's outstanding contribution during the establishment of MIPS including single-handed organization of the inaugural meeting in Noto in 2013 will always be remembered and appreciated.

I am very grateful for the trust of the EB and membership to be the new President of MIPS. This is a difficult task that I promise to fulfill with the best of my ability with the new EB. We are all very happy to have Themos and Eric as new EB members. Their presence will add significant value to the EB from 2 important Mediterranean countries: Greece and France. Finally, I wish to thank all EB members for their key participation, both as speakers and discussants, as well as Natalia and her team for excellent organization of MIPS Malta, a successful meeting by all means based on the informal and formal feedback that we had received. I wish Mauro and Natalia best of luck in organizing MIPS V in Rome. This, I believe, will be the second significant milestone in the history of MIPS after MIPS III in Ljubljana- a memorable event for all of us.

With all best wishes,

Diaa E. Rizk

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