Educational weekend days in Sarajevo. During April 9-10, 2016 in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina it was held MIPS Educational Course for Female pelvic floor dysfunctions in the Adriatic countries. On Saturday there were presented lectures of anatomy and diagnostic procedures regarding female urology dysfunctions and clinical approaches how to solve it. Special issue was use of mesh for pelvic floor dysfunction followed by interactive discussion. Urogynecologist presented laparoscopy edited video session of what they consider the critical steps that make their approach a success. One of the lectures was presentation of laser device for the treatment of female urology dysfunctions as non invasive treatment. At the end of the day it was held live US workshop where was presented use of pelvic ultrasound as diagnostic tool for the female urology dysfunctions. After first day of course we had a lovely city sightseeing and gala dinner where attendants could feel hospitality of Bosnians.

Second day of Course was designated for special topics with edited video of a challenging situation for reconstructive surgery in the operating room and discuss how to prevent it, how to anticipate it, how to recognize it and how to manage it. Another part of day was special lecture for neurogenic bladder and bladder pain syndrome and treatment with botulinum toxin. At the end of Course there were lectures of non invasive treatment as pelvic floor training and shock wave therapy for pelvic floor dysfunction. After all we had two excellent weekend days of scientific work of evidence based management for female urology and reconstructive surgery. Hope to see you all in future Meetings and challenge with new topics.

Kind regards,

Senad Bajramovic, MD, PhD

MIPS Course-Host Chair urologist

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