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MIPS Educational Course 2017

Recent advances in Pelvic Floor Reconstructive Surgery | MIPS Educational Course

Enna, 07-08 July 2017

Scientific Chair: Diaa Rizk

Host Chairs: Giuseppe La Ferrera, Biagio Adile


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It gives me great pleasure as the President of the Mediterranean Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Society (MIPS) to cordially invite you to the Second MIPS Educational course in Sicily, Italy. The venue is the picturesque and popular tourist city of Enna located roughly at the centre of Sicily towering above the surrounding beautiful countryside as a magnificent panoramic viewpoint 931 metres above sea level. The meeting will be held on 7,8 July, 2017 in Hotel Federico II, Enna. The scientific theme is “Recent Advances in Pelvic Floor Reconstructive Surgery”.

The Host Chairs, Dr. Biagio Adile (MIPS Past-President) and Dr. Giuseppe La Ferrera, have organized an excellent course to build on the outstanding success of the first annual MIPS meeting held in Noto in December 2013 when MIPS was officially born with Dr. Biagio Adile as the first President. The organizing committee has endeavoured to ensure that the scientific programme is specific to both physician educational needs and patient care priorities in Mediterranean countries.  The course content covers all aspects of female Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions from urodynamic investigations to genito-urinary fistulas with a special emphasis on minimally invasive surgical procedures and novel surgical techniques. In addition, there is a dedicated live surgery session on various pelvic floor reconstructive and anti-incontinence operations. This year, we have speakers from different parts of Sicily and of Italy as well as renowned MIPS Faculty and we would like to thank our Italian colleagues for their contribution to the educational mission of MIPS.

As an incontinence and pelvic floor care provider, we would like to invite you to attend our course in order to further the collaboration between incontinence physicians working in the Mediterranean region with a consequent positive impact on incontinence care and service delivery in the region. Biagio, Giuseppe and I are very much looking forward to welcome you in Enna in July, 2017.


Diaa E.E. Rizk

President, MIPS


Full programme


MIPS Workshop Ljubljiana – Laparoscopic Sacrocolpopexy on Pelvitrainers

Scientific Chair: Adolf Lukanovic

The Course has been rescheduled to September 2017 

Workshop objective is giving participants theoretical and practical knowledge, and especially, the hands-on training on prepared tissues that stimulate sacrocolpopexy.

Know more (course webpage HERE available) 

Announcement for MIPS Educational Courses 2017- MIPS Advisory Board

Dear  Friends,

1- I am writing to draw your attention to some important MIPS educational events that you might wish to attend in 2017.  Thanks to the dedication and hard work of our host chairs,  we have organized a number of educational courses in different Mediterranean as well as non-Mediterranean countries to compensate for our winter annual meeting in 2017 in lieu of Rome in March/April 2018.  For the first time this year, we have 2  hands-on training MIPS courses for pelvic floor surgery with significantly discounted registration fees ( up to 50%)  for MIPS members: a cadaveric dissection course in Ankara  on 1, 2 April, 2017 and a laparoscopic  course in Ljubljana on 21 April, 2017. Please use this opportunity to participate in these course and to encourage your fellows, residents and trainees to register in order to improve their operative skills.

You will find all the forthcoming events  displayed in chronological order on our website under the menu: Meetings/MIPS courses and Lectures with a link to each course website. 

Please make sure that you have updated your MIPS membership for 2017 in order to receive the discount on registration fees.


2- I also want to inform you that the MIPS Board has decided in its meeting in Malta to appoint an Advisory Board from Key Opinion Leaders in the Mediterranean region to promote the mission of MIPS. The New Advisory Board will replace the previous International Board as the MIPS Board felt that more regional growth is needed at the this stage of MIPS development.  The new Advisory Board has been carefully selected to also include 3 Urologist Colleagues in order to highlight the multi-disciplinary constitution of MIPS. Please join me in welcoming our new Advisory Board Members that you will find on our website under the menu: About/Board of Directors.


Happy 2017!

Prof. Diaa Rizk


Ankara, 1-2 April 2017

Course Chair:  Fulya DÖKMECİ 

Scientific Programme |  Registrations

Know more (Course Website)


Dear Colleagues, 

We are honored to announce you the MIPS Ankara Pelvic Floor Surgery Cadaver Course which will be held between 1st – 2nd April 2017 at Ankara University, School of Medicine, Department of Anatomy, Dissection Labs.  The course will continue during two days; the first day will be consisted of a theoretical presentation about pelvic anatomy and urogynecologic surgical procedures, the second day will be consisted of a practical session during which all participants will have the opportunity to work on cadaver one-to-one.

You will have a chance to observe and practice specially prepared pelvic dissections for the prevention, diagnosis and management of the most feared complications during urogynecologic surgery on fresh frozen cadavers. In cadaver studies, pelvic surgery will be done in the presence of our experienced trainers and you will have the opportunity to discuss with them.

The Participation is planned for limited number of participants per cadaver so that each practice can be individualized and conducted efficiently for the participants. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to you by emphasizing our belief that the MIPS Ankara Pelvic Floor Surgery Cadaver Course, which we have reorganized in the direction of our experiences and the feedback we have received in our previous courses, will be fruitful and beneficial for all participants.


Course Chair 

Prof. Fulya DÖKMECİ, MD

Practical Urodynamic Course

Kuwait City, 17 – 18 February 2017

Faculty: A. Elmardi, V. Li Marzi, D. Rizk, M. Serati, 

Know more

MIPS Lecture

Oporto, Portugal | 30 June - 2 July 2016

Carlos Errando - Treatment of post-prostatectomy male incontinence

ADPFW 2017

Abu Dabi | 9-11 March 2017

Meeting Chair: M. Patricoli

Know more


MIPS Annual Congress

Malta | 1-3 December

MIPS President: Biagio Adile

Chairman of Executive Board: Diaa Rizk

MIPS Meeting Chair: Alberto Vella

_  Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Pelvic Floor:  Breaking through the barriers in the Mediterranean countries                                     

_  Surgical management of Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP): Point / Counterpoint with Cases and Videos  

_  Live Surgery : Basic pelvic reconstructive surgery

_  Challenges in managing lower urinary tract symptoms in women- Interactive Seminar

_  Challenges in managing lower urinary tract symptoms in men- Interactive Seminar

_  Mastering Pelvic Pain with the Experts: Strategies and techniques for a multimodal approach to Chronic Pelvic Pain

_  Pelvic Reconstructive Surgeons as Innovators - What is the patient expecting? 
_  Course webpage

MIPS Lecture

Athens, Greece | April 21- 24, Athens, War Museum - Alexandra Hospital, Main Conference Hall

Meshes for POP repair and the FDA: What happened after the FDA Publicnotification of 2011?

Diaa E. Rizk  - Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology, College of Medicine and Medical Sciences, Arabian Gulf University Manama, Kingdom of Bahrein


III MIPS Educational Course

Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina | April 9-10, 2016 - Hotel Bristol

Female Urology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery in the Adriatic Countries: An Evidence-Based Approach

Host Chair: Senad Bajramovic, MD

Course Webpage


Message from the Course Chair

Dear Friends,

The MIPS educational course brings together international and local colleagues for an interesting and challenging scientific program. The MIPS educational course “Female Urology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery in the Adriatic Countries”, Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, April  9-10, 2016, will be as a unique initiative, creating an opportunity for Urologists, Urogynecologist, Reconstructive pelvic surgeon from Mediterranean to meet in Sarajevo for a scientific and social forum. The program created for this meeting is unique in its combination of scientific content with interactive expert discussion.

We believe that this symposium is a wonderful and exclusive platform where partnerships and collaborations with the Bosnia and Herzegovina community can be formed. We look forward to welcoming you to Sarajevo!

Senad Bajramovic, MD


About Sarajevo

The heart of Bosnia and Herzegovina is the administrative and cultural capital Sarajevo, once a heart-broken, torn and demolished city it has risen above its recent history to once more welcome visitors with its centuries-old tradition of hospitality. This vibrant city can penetrate as deep into the traveller’s soul as it does for residents.

One of its unique features, something that has led to it being termed ‘the Jerusalem of Europe’, is its religiously diverse citizenry. The actual name of the city, which comes from the Turkish words saray and ovasi, meaning ‘court’ and ‘field’ respectively, indicates. that Sarajevo is a creation of the Ottoman Empire.

A city with characteristics of the East (enriched by the Byzantine and Ottoman empires) and the West (the Roman, Venetian and Austro-Hungarian empires), Sarajevo holds a central charm that visitors feel, encompassing the best of both worlds. The towering tree- and house-studded hilltops that connect to the Dinaric Alps surround the city in its valley setting, while the Miljacka River running through the centre provides a secluded, private and magical atmosphere. Just a few miles out of Sarajevo, the region’s largest and most popular olympic mountains are crowded during the winter season with skiers and hikers coming from all over the country and abroad.

Each district provides every traveller endless opportunities for relaxation, vigorous sightseeing and, above all, the unique experiences gained as you share this city with Sarajevo’s locals.

MIPS Educational Course

Split, Croatia | April 23-25, 2015

Recent advances in the diagnosis and management of Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions

Scientific Chair: Diaa Rizk

Host Chair: Ingrid Marton

Course Webpage

MIPS Lecture | 5th EGE Urogynecology Workshop

Izmir, Turkey - May 29 - 31 2015, 

Diaa E. Rizk  - Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology, College of Medicine and Medical Sciences, Arabian Gulf University Manama, Kingdom of Baharein

Conference Webpage

MIPS Lecture | SIUD 2015 

20 June 2015 - Bari (Italy) 

Basic science research on pelvic floor ageing

Diaa E. Rizk  - Professor of Obstetrics & Gynecology, College of Medicine and Medical Sciences, Arabian Gulf University Manama, Kingdom of Baharein

Conference Webpage


26 February 2015 - Phoenix (Arizona)

Critical review of the role of Urodynamic evaluation of female urinary incontinence

Economic Implications in Mediterranean Countries

Dr. Enrico Finazzi Agrò MD Professor of Urology, Rome, Italy

If you wish to organize a MIPS Educational Course in your Country, please contact the MIPS Office for further information at

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